Turkish Towels - Turkish Beach Towel - Turkish Pesthamal

What is Turkish Towel?

Turkish towels are unique product of Turkey. You will find it at the most beaches, yoga center, gym-fitness center . So, it is a travel companion also.
Turkish bath towels are helpful to cover up the body in ancient era. It has lots of diffrent types. However, It has various different towel names. The most common being the Peshtemal. Traditional name given to the woven towel of turkey is “Peshtemal”.
Turkish Towels - Turkish Beach Towel - Turkish Pesthamal
Turkish Towel is origines in Anatolia, Turkey. It has a history of nearly 600 years. Pestemal, fringet towel, tassel towel and hammam towels are the diffrent names. Cotton, linen or bamboo yarn are row material for turkish pesthamal.
There are similar towels available in different regions of the world. They are having different names like “Shukas” towel in Africa. “Sarong” in Asia. and “Fouta” is the general term in the Mediterranean region. So, People often just refer to a turkish beach towels as a travel towel or beach towel for their use.

Why Turkish Towel?

Soft turkish cotton is the key material for Turkish beach towels. Turkish cotton have extra-long fibers. As a resuls, it makes the cotton threads smoother and stronger. Beacuse of smooth cotton it feels good and absorb liquid very quick. When we use as a towel, they are soft, fluffy, and increasingly absorbent. Similarly, it is super lightweight too even after washing it serval times.

How to use Turkish Towels

Turkish towels are pretty durable enough for not only your home and office but also at the beach. It is super absorbent and super soft. So, making them nearly perfect for any scenario when you need a pretty good piece of fabric. Even more, You will take them with you everywhere you go.

How to wash Turkish beach Towel?

Simple machine wash with warm water. You can hand wash also. For removal of excess detergent add a cup of white vinegar.
Consequently, The Best part of turkish towels is they are quick drying and supersoft. So, we recommend hanging drying them to help preserve the towel for long time.

Where to find Turkish towels?

You will find towels at your nearest shop in usa. if you are in australia you will also find many shops nearby beaches. you can also order it online here. The quality of these towels are amazing. There are lots of variety in towels you can explore them online at aetrends.co
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